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Apr 07, 2019 07:18:48

My Big Kid

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Another weekend is coming, another weekend for kids. This weekend, my kid's favourite cousin is coming back to play with him again. My brother has their kids around the same time as mine, so both of our kids are like 1~2 weeks different. Both elders kids are quite close now, although they meet like once or twice a month.

You can imagine when four boys play around, how messy the situation is. The two big kids have grown up now; both are five years old, have their own strong emotion. This moment might be playing with some silly game and laugh together, the next moment one are crying because losing some competition to the other. It happens every time they meet.

If making some comparison, I m proud for my big kid, although most of the time he goes out of control when playing with his cousin. He loves eating, almost everything he can taste it like really yummy, as long as there is food, his focus is on food. My wife and I saw so many kids out there that need to have an iPhone or iPad to get them to focus eating, but our kids will just busy talking to us and once the food on the table, they just busy eating.

He clean & sort out the toys after playing, the cousin seldom clean up and my younger kid still quite small, so the big kid responsible keep the toys most of the time. Although sometime he will mumble how come he is always the one clean up.

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