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Dec 28, 2018 04:47:01

My 2018 shout-out

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G̷͕̳͝l̴̨̟̏̃̆̚e̷̳͇͖͑̔b̴̞̱̦͕̼͇̔̽̀̽͒ ̸̈́̆͒̀̉ ̵̨̪̈́̒Sa̴͇͊b̵̨̅͆i̶̖͑̄r̶̩̘̊̒̕z̷̟̀͑y̴͚͉̎͘à̸̃͜ͅn̶̤̲̜͊͐ỏ̵͈͔̑v̴

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Just a year ago I thought that bootstrapping a project is more difficult than doing it with investments, I thought you need a lot of skills and abilities in order to launch a successful product. And I was wrong! I knew nothing about makers who proved me once again that nothing is impossible. I met a lot of wonderful people — there are so many of you that I can't list you all!

I want to say special thanks to Guilherme Rizzo who was the first "maker" I ever met — together with him we were discovering the maker community. The second person I met was Keyser, thanks for a lot of thoughtful and constructive discussions. And then that escalated quickly!

Thank you Toni Codina for being my inspiration and shipping a lot of cool products! Thanks Aiden Buis for constantly reminding me to "stop consuming — start creating". Thanks Clo (c10v32c1u6) for support, interesting discussions and creative brainstorms. Thanks baz for introducing me to the concept of "ramen profitability" and making 200 Words a Day, a tool that has a great future. Thanks Anne-Laure Le Cunff for actively and thoughtfully sharing your experience and knowledge with others. Thanks Ben for a lot of cool gifs and for being very active on the collective brainstorms. And, of course, thanks Olesya Chernyavskaya for constant support and help — you are the best!

Also I met some wonderful people from the Figma team — I'm extremely grateful to you all.

Next year have never been more exciting! Can't wait to see what 2019 holds for us!

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    @zyumbik thanks Gleb! :) Glad to have discovered your work this year as well

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 28, 2018 07:49:48
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