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Jan 11, 2019 03:00:13


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I love to see perfect streaks. I even thought I'd make perfect streaks on 200wordsaday. But knowing me, I only love imagining things.

Nonetheless, I was shocked that I missed two days of writing here. I actually believed it all along that I was not able to write for one day only. Such the illusion of believing your own thoughts. 

Anyway, I am not upset that I now don't have a streak on this month.  I was thinking that I would not post for the sake of gaining streaks. For me, quality over quantity is still what matters.

However at the moment I have no good topic to write about. I'm just laying on my bed thinking which laptop to buy. I've been digging Lenovo ThinkPad for months now, but the price is still high for the latest ThinkPad and even for the lowest models. I'm broke, because I got scammed again. If you were reading my previous writings, I wrote about making money on HYIP bots. I thought I found the legit one, but that Ecom Website Bot is just like Bitfalcon. Both stopped paying. 

Now, I was thinking of where to put some of my money left. I'm still not turning my back on making investments; yet, this time, I'm going to be wiser and actually invest on legit companies. I will still invest on bots but just a little amount of money. Some bots do pay. You just have to find the right one. 

I guess, this post is just an update. I do not know what else to do with my life at the moment. Perhaps, I'll just play guitar.

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