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Jan 03, 2019 22:28:17

Murphy's Law

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Victoria Maung

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Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

For some people, it seems like Murphy' Law is their religion. Ever have that one friend who's always in a predicament? Maybe her whole family and their dog is sick, she has multiple projects due, her car broke down, she has to finish packing for the weekend trip home, and her laptop isn't charging.

Regardless of selection bias, according to which people's memories might just select for negative events, maybe there is a logical relationship between those who are more disaster-prone than not.

I believe that a lot of life is setting up safeguards--hedging against Murphy's Law. That includes long-term and short-term preventative measures.

To prevent ourselves from losing our house keys, we might keep them in a bowl or on a hook by the door. To prevent our car from breaking down, we might get an oil change twice a year. To prevent vermin, we might clean our abodes weekly. To keep ourselves healthy, we might prioritize a nutritious diet. To afford housing and lifestyle privileges, we might choose to do well in school. 

Disaster-proneness might be a function of a combination of attention to detail and long-term strategic foresight. It is always easier to address shorter-term priorities (paying your bills) than longer-term ones (eating healthy), but the consequences might not be worth it. Failure to take measures to address potential long-term issues can be detrimental to addressing all other issues.

Granted, there will be circumstances where things are out of your control, but I think there are always sacrifices you can make to attenuate them.

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    @vickenstein totally agree! curious what are some things you paid more attention to hedge against murphy's law?

    David nge avatar David nge | Jan 04, 2019 03:38:14
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      @davidnge thanks for reading! I feel like it's commonly things that we feel other people nag/micromanage us about, like put your stuff away so no one trips over it, etc.

      Victoria Maung avatar Victoria Maung | Jan 06, 2019 01:37:58
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