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May 30, 2019 06:55:16


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Victoria Maung

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Robert Mueller made his first public statement on the Russia investigation, and for the most part, he re-iterated his report, standing by the statements he made in it. I respect his adherence to the law and due principle. Even though there's evidence of Russian interference, he understands that the public has not clearly grasped the gravity of foreign adversaries manipulation our political system, in lieu of the clickbait-ier title of "no collusion or obstruction" by Trump. (Actually, Mueller has no confidence that Trump did not clearly commit a crime. It's kind of like having  your closest friend cultivate a sneaking suspicion that that you're lying to them, but they can't conclusively prove it.) 

It is crazy that statements bear repetition because of the less-headline-friendly holes that general media coverage neglects. America is under attack (as are multiple countries pervasively by foreign agents to lesser extents), and new strategies must be developed to counteract these novel and dangerously subtle influences. Even thought Mueller's team indicted pleas of guilt and wrongdoing from many of Trump's advisers, it's crazy that our judicial system allows the primary benefactor to abscond from the concerted, elaborate crime. Maybe the Constitution needs to be updated to allow a sitting President to be liable to charge with a federal crime.

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    @vickenstein - My sister calls politics a conversation. Politicians then, could be seen as people managing the conversations. But that's not how I perceive them. I wish it wasn't so transparent that people willing to take advantage of system dynamics simply need to do so. There are no answers, but plenty of semi-interesting questions.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | May 30, 2019 03:46:12
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