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Aug 24, 2019 22:38:54

Moving Progress

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Craig Petterson

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Today was tiring. I'm typing this out while completely exhausted. We moved all the boxes and smaller items to our new house. So many trips back and forth. Back and forth. Tomorrow, we have less to take, but we have some other plans too, including TV installations, bathroom accessory purchasing and flat viewings - finger crossed someone will snap this up quickly, so we don't waste money.

We had a family pull out of purchasing the flat, but we immediately found a couple more interest parties. One being a pregnant couple, with an eager parent and the other being a couple of friends hoping to flat share. Based on the information provided by the agents, it seems like the pregnant couple got there first - and even better for us, looks like they want to move quickly.

Although tomorrow has less planned, I suspect it will be busy anyway. I'm hoping to squeeze in a run to maintain my (altered) August goal. However, Monday is expected to be the most tiring. We will be using the van and our entire flat will be empty. All the lugging around was bad enough today, but on Monday it's the large items... Nightmare.

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