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Jan 11, 2019 22:56:55

Moving - An Attempt

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Seun Oyebode

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Activity signals life. It doesn't necessarily mean growth, but it signals life. Whatever is moving (actively) ain't dead. 

When a detour seems like a fine move, which is actually an escape.

Keep moving.

When you seem to have gotten your life together after months into years of concerted efforts. Then life seems to adjust just to create fresh problems for you.

Keep moving.

When the future seems bleak and uncertain.

Side with faith and keep moving.

When the music fades.

Keep moving.

When she seems to have lost the sparkle you saw in her eyes that made you love her.

Don't even think about it. Hold her tight and keep moving.

When it seems like you're the only one who cares to reach to others and no one does same for you.

Keep moving.

When you've stood your ground and you seem to be the only one around.

Keep moving.

When it seems like everyone around you are doing better than you, especially on Instagram.

Keep moving.

When it seems like you're the champion, in the hood. 

Well, you're not competing against anyone so,

Keep moving.

When it ought to be the tunnel's end yet it's a bend.

Well, my friend, keep moving.

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