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It's a part of life but it can come with a lot of hesitation. Naturally, if something isn't broken you don't want to change. Sometimes, if it's broken you still hesitate for fear of something worst. Even when you welcome change you can still fear its unpredictability.

I've done both in the past. When I went to college I feared moving out from home because of the unknown that awaited me. When I've felt settled in life I've feared moving on because I might lose what I found. At the end of a long trip, I worried about moving back home, what if I forget everything I've discovered?

What I've learnt is there is no safe option. If you're moving or standing still there'll always be something to fear. Change is inevitable. The possibilities that moving to another place, or to a new job, bring will always be balanced by the familiarities you will lose. It's just a decision then to either be paralysed by that fear or lean into it and see what comes. No decision you make is final and if it doesn't work out it's never too late to undo it. But you won't know until you get moving.

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