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May 03, 2019 06:58:57

Morning Thoughts

by @brianball PATRON | 208 words | 389💌

Brian Ball

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Confrontation. We don't like it.

Our animal instinct has us avert our gaze. We're not ready to battle for territory. There's plenty of room for both of us. So, we take our own path. We wander just far enough from the herd to claim individuality, and then we whimper for help in times of need.

We partner up. Being alone feels dangerous. When one is focused on work, the other can keep watch. A second pair of eyes and ears, we've found, feels sufficiently safe.

We make friends. Often we make poor decisions for no other reason than we lack direct experience. Our experience isn't broad enough yet to avoid common mistakes. By the time we grow our experience, new mistakes are possible and we have no time to re-learn. We rely on others. We seek those we enjoy.

We don't like to ask for help, we want the experience.

We don't take our car into the shop if we think we can fix it ourselves at a cost savings. In exchange, we collect tools and experience.

Writing to publish is more difficult than streaming thoughts out onto the page. With the stream we're not accountable to rhyme and reason. We simply dictate the channel emerging from within.

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