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May 13, 2019 19:15:09

Money rules

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Julia Saxena

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One book that has really changed the way I think and act around money is "I will teach you to be rich" by Ramit Sethi. He's now relaunching a new edition of the book in a couple of days. 

Ramit also sends great emails about money and mindset. I like his straightforward, not-afraid-to-tell-the-truth style. Yesterday, he mentioned the 10 money rules he lives by. 

That got me thinking ... what are my money rules? I certainly have them, subconsciously at least. Might be worth writing them down. 

1. I spend on the things I value and are important to me (flights to see my loved ones, a new MacBook for work, healthy food). 

2. I save on things that are not important to me (I don't care about designer clothes, fancy handbags, expensive make-up products, cars, etc.)

3. I always keep a readily available emergency fund. 

4. I have and will always pay cash for large expenses (wedding, vacations, ...)

5. I invest money every month in ETF's. That's my long term retirement fund. 

6. I invest money to make more money (courses, books, tools, ...)

7. I stop obsessing over small expenses (buying food at the airport, ...)

8. There are more important things than money, like my health (mentally and physically) and my friends and family. 

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    @juliasaxena I never read the original book, but a few months ago I must have pre-ordered the new edition because it arrives today from Amazon. I am also on Ramit's email list. He does have great money advice. I'm glad to see MacBook got a mention in #1 above 😎

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 14, 2019 08:02:51
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      @brandonwilson Oh good. Curious to hear what you think of the book!

      Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | May 14, 2019 23:59:45
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