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Dec 02, 2018 11:36:15

Money or wealth? a tiny FIRE guide

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How do we accumulate wealth? Not just money.

With money, we can create more money. That's what your bank does, they earn interest with your money. Having money invested and automated, we create wealth. So we can sit back a bit in the future.

I want to focus this year on:

Understand investing, bonds, assets, index funds, etc.

- So I can earn money with the money invested

Automate my money

- Create a financial reserve of 3-6 months to live on

- Automatically pay off debts

- Money on the bank does not generate money any more. Interest rates are at it's lowest.

- Because I never think of manually paying off debts (and neither do you)

- Have less stress about money.

Learn to sell by value instead of an hourly wage.

- I want to increase my earnings this way, even though I earn quite well hourly, it's always limited

Spending less is another wise option. 

And I'm quite proud of how I cut most of my costs

- I rent out my expensive apartment in the Netherlands
- I live in cheaper countries - accumulating experiences while being able to work
- I never eat out (except in Asia)
- I workout by myself, no expensive gym subscriptions
- My clothes and other possessions are bought with minimalism in my mind. Not Fashion or short-term, but long-lasting possessions.

This way I've been able to cover costs of 2 people, travelling and living together for about 15k per year, the last 2 years. This includes travelling to over 10 countries (see my Nomadlist profile for proof), writing a book, satiating my creative lusts

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    @flowen "I never eat out (except in Asia)" THAT'S ME haha

    On a side note, I'm into FIRE as well. It's not an end-goal but a milestone I want to reach to be able to spend more quality time on my products without feeling stressed by money problems. I wrote here how I got up to a 70% saving rate while living in Geneva. (I'm a Mister Money Moustache fan and reader)

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 03, 2018 13:10:52
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      @flowen @basilesamel nice! so am I, though I haven't read much of his stuff. Mainly ingrained the part where I learn to live with frugality and unlearn materialism importance in my life. I'll read the article later, thx!

      lowen flowen avatar lowen flowen | Dec 03, 2018 23:24:28
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