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Feb 21, 2019 16:31:06


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Keeping momentum in everything that you do in life is very important. This I have seen in my personal and business life. You want to do something, then while you are it and moving with it - something comes up from nowhere and distracts you. It kills your momentum.

I have tried so many ways to keep myself in the flow, for example, if I am in a particular project but being consistent with it has been hard. Sometimes I abandon the project altogether.

Then I met someone online who I shared my frustration with...she said; when something works out, double down on it. That's the only way to keep the momentum.

But the second and the most crucial thing she insisted on was on maintaining focus on what I was working on. How do you keep focus?

She said, again...Do more of what works, and less of that which doesn't work.

In all spheres of our lives, we are pulled in different directions and we feel that we need/ must respond to anything that comes up. It shouldn't feel or be that way.

Do more of what works and maintain your focus on the task at hand. That my friend is the secret to keeping the momentum in your life, projects, and careers.

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