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Jun 10, 2019 18:21:09


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Cuz I am so original recent days. I am sorry.:)

In some cases, Youtube is so cool. 

If you wanna learn a new sport, play an instrument or another special skill.

Recently I watch boxing techniques videos and there is a lot of quality content. People are great giving all the info for free. Sure it can vary across the fields. 

I wouldn't bet on the super fast easy money earning techniques hehe. (maybe super slow and hard work could work but no one would watch it hehe)

But with sports, it's kinda safe and it's crazy how many people watching this kind of videos. I should have done videos about snowboarding when I still had some skills hehe. Too late to brag. :), But if you have some set of skills don't hesitate to be Youtuber hehe. It is worth it.

It must be good to transfer knowledge.  

Let's go boxing and try to use the techniques I just learned. 

Hopefully not gonna be beaten up as usual hehe.

Take care. (I haven't earned the one dollar yet .. still some days left so I am not negative yet. I think I am gonna make it somehow. :) )


Stay with me. Efran.

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