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Dec 27, 2018 14:55:45

Misunderstand on requirement

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I was chatting with a friend just now, she leads an agency company and we work closely for some of the projects when she needs more technical support. We have been discussing on 2 projects which going to start next year and she sends me over the mockup that what I going to working on next month.

The first question I have is how come there is an upload feature? I understand for this project there is a need to do product matching, but how come it need image upload feature?  Ideally, it should be something like a mood board or shopping cart, you pick what is your favorite and just show what's relevant to your favorite?

It turns out I misunderstand the requirement, my friend told me that the product matching feature needs to "throw" image to match the product, I thought the throw means you need to interact with the website in order to perform the matching, but what she means is to upload an image and do the matching.

No wonder my friend told me that the client's say if we can do this feature, they going to award us the follow-up e-commerce system, I was a bit puzzled since the feature is not really that tough? now I understand is because my underestimate the complexity of the feature.

So misunderstand and under quote for the feature, going to take this as a lesson to be more careful while understanding the specification when I quote project next time.

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