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Mar 09, 2019 00:49:35

Missing words

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Victoria Maung

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There are two words that I can't remember for the life of me. 

The first word is sort of about fomo, or fear of missing out. But the word also carries a bit more weight. I think the word means something along the lines of "the feeling that, upon seeing a stranger, you'll never know fully their life story." Maybe, in other words, fomo of another person's life. I remember hearing about it years ago from a YouTube channel that featured unique vocabulary words and their definitions, presented with sentimental B-rolls and inspiring ambient music. I tried finding the YouTube channel, but I think it's defunct now. 

The second word is something I first heard from a YouTuber-photographer in a video that she has now deleted. It was about copying and plagiarism in photography, and she gave a very convincing overview of what she thinks copying constitutes in the fine art world. Unfortunately, she must have had some ardent disagreers, since she took the video down. She used a word to describe the phenomenon of accidentally copying someone else's work. It was a word (ending in "-ia", I think)  that describes a mental phenomenon. Specifically, she used this word to describe a scenario where she subconsciously copied another photographer's photo with a different model at the same location. She took the shot and shared it via Instagram because she didn't remember seeing the same composition in another photographer's Instagram feed (for which she apologized profusely). 

If someone knows these words, I'd be grateful to learn what are! 

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