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Mar 14, 2019 20:36:47

Midas touch...

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Gokila Sakthi Ram

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Scratched this title when I hit a level in an idiom game in my mobile. Midas touch - if curious to read about the actual meaning, you can surf in the below link.


But, my intention here is what if one's attempt in everything becomes victory, a Midas touch ?? I doesn't mean any multimillionaire or chairperson of any pioneer MNCs. I mean an ordinary man in his/her daily life. We can also take it as add-on points to my first post on imperfections in 200WaD..

I knew a hard working wholesaler who procures and sells groceries. He doesn't possess any hi tech marketing tactics, any partners to support or even good education to calculate his balance sheet. But he knew to work hard. He eats well, sleeps well and works with interest. He had a good family with one daughter and one son.

His shop is the entrance toll gate to his village. Any legged person who walk all the way from the bus stop to enter into the village will atleast buy a cigarette if it's a he, or atleast toffees or snack if its a she or their bees...

From dawn to dusk, the shop will be always busy that, atleast he would have footed some five hundred times inside his shop in a day. I named him Ice-man because, the first ever shop I saw selling ice cubes during olden days, where refrigerator was in womb.

Add-on points I said right!!!

Wait! Wait! I think it's becoming an add-on story.. come on.

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