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Mar 13, 2019 21:37:34

Merciful Courage

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Have the courage to look back and be happy about all the things you did right.
...and the mercy to look past all the things you would have done differently.

It's easy to second guess yourself.
It's easy to look back on choices you made in the past and beat yourself up about the things you should have done.

There is only one reason to look back and recall the poor choices, and that's to make certain you remember to make a better choice the next time you're in a similar situation. It might not be (and probably won't be) the exact same scenario, but it will feel similar.

Mark Twain is credited for the line: "History does not repeat itself, but often it rhymes."

You relive those past choices in your mind because next time you don't want it to rhyme.

And while I don't think you should forget your past choices lest you be doomed to repeat them, I also think there are plenty of times when you made the right choice

Why not congratulate yourself on those times and cut yourself a little slack on your not-so-great moments?

Strive to make better choices today and you will be a better person tomorrow.

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