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May 25, 2019 05:41:54


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Victoria Maung

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But no matter how much you meander, the fact that you, a river, that ebbs and flows, that can carve out a valley with the power of the sheer volume of water you move, is tremendous. 

Sometimes I do feel strongly that you are the average of the five (give or take) people you spend time with. In a continuation of the saga of my exploration of the need for diversity, I was alarmed this morning by the fact that my morning security guard did not know what inbreeding was. The fact that it is not wise to breed kittens from the same litter was news to this person. On the other hand, my evening guard, who is a highly educated finance person, picked up the security job as a mere side hustle and does his best to elevate the people close to him, like revising his friends' resumes and cover letter. 

In my office, I feel like the environment is highly beneficial to my professional development because it's full of incredibly capable and smart workers, but maybe it's a bit too dry because everyone seems to almost be too good at working relatively  independently. Either way, like a river courses through the land, it's best to let things run its course. 

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