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May 11, 2019 15:00:05


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I hate that word. 

I read a book by George Leonard a while back called Mastery - there's an updated cover -- but the one on the link I posted is the one I read a long time ago.

Today's young  folks like to throw that word about. Master Class -- Master this. Master that.

Who are they fucking kidding? ( besides everybody who signs up thinking they'll master something )

Mastery, according to Leonard, is not something you get from an event. It only comes with lengthy, over years, deliberate practice.

Today's young people like James Clear and Cal Newport - are simply saying the same thing to their appropriately young audiences. You must practice and struggle over time before mastery hits - if it ever does.

So, the word used in marketing is a trigger for me to recognize that the person on the other end of the sale doesn't know what they're talkign about.

Actually, the MasterClass web site is on the other side. They're packaging actual mastery from people who have  gained a mastery of their craft. They're not claiming you'll master it.

If you read somebody claiming you'll master some topic in their course for only $799 - - be smart ( or not, it's your money ).

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