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Feb 02, 2019 10:54:51

Massage day

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Brandon Wilson

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I went many years before I had my first professional massage. I am not sure why I waited so long. I used to save massages for special occasions like a visit to the spa on vacation. Now I have massages at least once a month.

Massages have many physical benefits. Many of us retain stress in certain areas of our bodies. I sit at a computer for an inordinate amount of time, and my primary issues are with neck, shoulders, and upper back. A professional massage therapist knows how to target muscles and identify knots and tightness to work through. There are some stretches and areas of your body that you simply cannot address by yourself. Massages increase circulation, release tension in muscles, and aid the body in repair. 

Along with the physical benefits, there are also mental and emotional benefits to a full-body massage. Massages are great for stress relief. They allow you the time to relax. Just as we get positive vibes from hugs, so too the touch of a massage promotes the release of positive brain chemicals. 

Maybe the only problem with massages is once you start getting them, you get used to them and want them all the time.

If you have never tried a professional massage, I would suggest you try one. Keep in mind not every massage is the same and not every massage therapist is the same. You may need to try out multiple massage therapists until you find one with whom you are very comfortable and who has a style that works for your physicality.

After my Power Weekend last weekend, I am using this weekend to rest and recharge. And there is no better way to do that than with a massage. Make it a great weekend everyone!

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    OH, YEAH! My fave massage ($10) was by a strong black lady on the beach in Cartagena, Colombia. Best "Happy Ending" massage was by a sexi Colombiana in Bogota. It lasted for weeks.

    Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Feb 02, 2019 15:41:46
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      @RealNegotiator Sounds like I need to get down to South America.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Feb 03, 2019 08:33:02
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      @brandonwilson If you're single, the women will love you and the dollar goes a looonng way.

      Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Feb 03, 2019 13:25:16
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    @brandonwilson I'm in Thailand these days, and never had a pro massage. After reading your post, I guess it's time to reconsider my priorities :P

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Feb 03, 2019 01:36:15
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      @basilesamel Absolutely! The Thai-style massage can be intense. At a spa I chose a Thai-style massage. The therapist used a bamboo rod to roll on my calves, and I almost jumped off the table. But after that massage I was incredibly relaxed.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Feb 03, 2019 08:34:19
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