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Apr 30, 2019 23:22:11

Marseilles. Mediterranean. Mad. 🇫🇷

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Jason Leow

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How can such perfect weather ever exist? It's simply not fair.

The weather in Marseilles was so good, it positively made me jealous. This Mediterranean Sea climes in the summer were just impossible - completely clear skies, not a single cloud in sight. That expansive blue stretching on forever to the horizon, and just the lone sun beaming down. The sea always mirrors the sky, so you can guess - the waters here are impossibly blue and crystal clear. Marseilles is a port city, so there's plenty of sea around, and wow, I'm so mad about the Med sea. It's a perfect backdrop for all the luxurious seaside mansions teetering on small rock islands, probably hosting lavish summer parties. I stayed at a youth hostel that's an hour's bus ride away from the centre, and everyday, the bus would take the scenic highway right by the sea. What bliss, what a treat, to ride on this road as the start of my daily morning. 

Though it's summer, the air was cool and slightly breezy. It was not humid or sticky. No rain in the whole week I was there. Coming from tropical Singapore, this was the final kicker with respect to the jealousy-inducing weather. I mean, I prefer warmer climes, but in Singapore, we trade that for sweaty and sticky humidity. But here! No trade-offs required. Lovely sunshine, cool breeze, clear skies and seas, none of the moisture discomfort. There's few places where the weather felt so agreeable. 

One day, I will be back to live out a whole summer here in one of those lux seaside mansions, just to swim in its clear blue waters, busk in the sun and eat bouillabaisse everyday.

Marseilles. Mediterranean. Mad. 

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