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Mar 10, 2019 16:26:55


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Victoria Maung

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My brother and his fiancé got married yesterday!

We started off in the morning, helping to load decorations in the 40-something degree rainy weather with my brother, his best man, and fiance. Afterwards, I spent the morning getting ready with my lovely mother, eating chow mein, oatmeal, and huang mao ji soup with her homemade fermented chili sauce. 

Loading up the car with my brother's 20-lb (not really, but felt like it) camera and provisions to stay over at my partner's for the weekend, my parents and I headed to Swedenborgia church in San Francisco. My partner greets us at the entrance, leading my mom into the church, eliciting a "he looks like an old man" from me and a "good, he looks more mature" from my dad. 

We then head into the building annex where we greet other bridesmaids, groomsmen, friends, and family members. Close to 11, they filter into the church, and those of us that are a part of the wedding procession line up. 

To Clara C's Fish, I walk in with my sister-in-law to light the candles, the we head back out to walk in with our parents. I walk in arm-in-arm with my dad then take a seat. They have their ceremonial vows, one of the groomswomen drops the ring, my cousin accidentally starts the post-ceremony song too early, and then we exit the hall. Unfortunately, my parents zipped off straightaway to Fogo De Chao before we could get the family photos. It turns out that my dad did so, so he could greet his Chinese mafia (not actually) and see them into the restaurant. 

Overall, a fun and eventful day that didn't rain at the important parts. 5/5 would do again. 

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