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Dec 26, 2018 05:18:16

Marketing without ads and when nobody cares about you

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Notes from https://everyonehatesmarketers.com/marketing-without-budget/ 

The most important tasks a marketer can do is to:

1) Figure who your customer really

2) Find where they are physically and/or online

both of these can be done well without a budget.

One way to know your customer is by understanding your product, look at the product you're selling:

- What's the level of service

- Pricing

- Expectation

- Knowledge Base

- Support

- the ecosystem around this product

and determine a realistic customer profile. These are people or business entity you can sell your product to today, not someone who's only willing to try get on a trial account or only willing to buy with huge discount. These are people who will look at your product and says it's a no brainer.

Even though this might be a guesstimate in the beginning, you'll develop a gut feeling for who your true realistic customer profile is as your do more research and talk to those previously defined customer profile.

One other way to figuring out your realistic customer profile is to look at your competitors. Read their reviews, sign up for their email marketing campaigns, go through their social media, and study their product. Look at what they are doing, and especially what they are not doing. This "weakness" can be an opportunity for you to capture and serve these neglected customers.

Leave an email (or other channel) for people to contact you on your product site. Their questions will lead you to insights about your customer needs and wants. Turn these insights into product/marketing decisions which will refine your realistic customer profile.

Once you've identified your realistic customer profile, then make the effort to find where they hang out. These could be forum, blog, reddits, or facebook group, find where your product/brand is being mentioned.

Go to those places, get to know whem, talk to them and add value. Adding value could be contributing to the community, answer questions they might have, create resources for them, etc. 

Ask for their business when you think you've built enough trust with them.


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