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Jan 16, 2019 00:31:30

Making Coffee in 200ish words

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Brian Ball

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I don't use an alarm, but I can't sleep in like I could when younger. When the cars and delivery trucks start waking up, I wake up right along with them.

Roll out of bed and head to the kitchen. You can either do a few warm up pushups now or wait until you've started the coffee.

Grind a cup of coffee beans. If you drink coffee, you know what you like. If you are knew to this, start buying and trying a couple at a time for comparison.

Once the roughly ground coffee is ready, scoop about 18-22g per cup into a large French Press coffee maker. Fill it with boiled water until the bottom of the top ring of the metal holder.

Stir lightly and wait for four minutes. This is a good time to do some stretching and body-weight exercises. Air squats, pull-ups, pushups and planks. All good.

When the timer goes off, long-pour a fresh cup into a 14oz mug. Don't measure it, that's just a favorite size of one I like. Whatever mug you like will be the one to use.

Add a little cream to lighten it up and enable you to drink it immediately. Take a big swallow and then enjoy the warmth of the mug in your hands.

Now, go sit at your desk for the rest of the day. Refill as required.

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