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Mar 28, 2019 06:49:51

Maker of the day on Makerlog

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Wake up yesterday and suddenly find out I become "Maker of the day" on Makerlog; I think maybe is chosen randomly or based on the streak on Makerlog.

It feels kind of encourage but I know I m still not fit for that, I haven't launch anything this year, although my original plan is to try to build one thing every month this year. Getting this 5 minute of fame server a reminder don't give up and keep shipping.

My idea list and todo list is pretty long but my time is limited, will talk about how I split my time into different portion soon.

If checking on my Makerlog profile, you can tell that I been shipping daily for the past two weeks. I only log when I ship code for products, I could easily log I write a 200words post every day, but I didn't. For the past two weeks every night, I been forcing myself to sit down to code something on my products. My current focus is to rebuild Hookeepr 2.0. It's not easy to build another new habit but if I don't start this I afraid I am not going to ship any product until the end of the year. 

Beside shipping code, if you do following my twitter, I start to learn to do some marketing as well, building up audiences for Hookeepr relaunch. I have put a deadline to launch Hookeepr 2.0 before April, let's see how much changes I can put in before the due date.

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