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Jan 05, 2019 23:32:37

Magic of Tidying Up

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Next week we are moving to new place. One has more hustle for packing and unpacking as one has more stuff. Luckly this time I am so comfortable to move on new place in contrast to the previous time when I moved to the current place. 

Here is two tips I learned from "The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up" written by Kondo Mari, who is a Japanese lady who was selected as Fotune under 400. Now she has podcast, and Netflix.

1. Order matters

We should start with 1. clothes 2. books, 3. papers, 4. miscellenious, and 5 memorial things. Starting with clothes is especially important since it is relatively easiler to judge the second point. As we deal with 4 categories, we are getting more comfortable to deal with the most difficult things to discard i.e., memorial things. 

2. Process matters

We should first gather and collect all items for one category (mentioned above e.g., clothes) from all rooms into one place. Then pick one by one, and ask yourself if that item "spark your joy" or not. If not, we appreciate and say "thank you & good bye" to this item. 

When I moved to current place, I conducted decluttering based on these tips and now it is so easy to keep my stuff organized. I strongly recommend to try one of these tips from Kon Mari. 

- Hiro

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    @hiro I just watched this on Netflix yesterday! Really amazed by the transformation after applying her concept in house cleaning.

    David nge avatar David nge | Jan 06, 2019 02:40:20
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      @davidnge Great to find the one who also felt the same. This method significantly lowered our efforts to organize our things in a long run.

      Hiro avatar Hiro | Jan 06, 2019 06:17:20
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