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Mar 29, 2019 22:18:57

Logic in Writing and Thinking by Barbara Minto

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Today I happened to revisit the book called "The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking" by Barbara Mint. I bought this in 2013 according to Amazon history. 

When looking through the content, I felt like I read it before and knew the essence already. But if I revisited my posts I made in 200WaD, especially technical ones, I did not implement the essence yet. It requires exercise until you do it unconsciously. Let's see what is the essence of this book. 

How to create a pyramid structure 

If we would like to persuade someone or convey messages concisely, it would be better to use a pyramid approach in which we state first the main summary of a message and then explain one of elements by one. To create this structure, we should first make logically grouped sentences into a paragraph. Then we group them into a section. Finally, we summarize them into the entire chapter.

How to check critically our own sentences

Barbara said if we can critically and objectively check our own sentences, we can write better sentences. To check our own sentences, here are the things to do.

  • Horizontal logic check: check if the order of message is correct in each group
  • Vertical logic check: ask what is the concrete evidence for the solutions/suggestions
  • Abstraction check: ask yourself what is the key message of what you are saying.
  • Expression check: ask if your expression is appropriate for stating your ideas.   

The fourth check sounds difficult for me if I do not have many vocabularies and a variety of expressions. 



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