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Apr 04, 2019 20:01:58

Locked in my room

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Even though everything already look all right and i was about to go back to work again I am still at home.

On my way to work I stopped by the doctor and he prescripted me the antibioticks so i turn around and jumped straight back to my bed.

I would like to chill at home unfortunately i dont feel really well. I can just sleep or staring on the walls. Hopefully it gets better fast.

In this moments you can really appreciate how blessed you are if you are healthy. The weather is so amazing this week and I got stuck between 4 walls.

I dont know what can I do. maybe i could start listening some podcasts so far I haven't dived into this trend. When you are in the bad mood not sure if i can get motivated haha. Will see.

Today i will just resting and if it will get better following days I am gonna start to be a little bit productive.

Thinking about to do radical changes in my lifestyle. Just eat more healthy, work out and care more about my body.

I dont what is going on but recently im getting sick too often and i must do something about it. I so mad about it


Stay with me. Efran.

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    @efran One place to focus is making sure you are getting good, quality sleep every night.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 04, 2019 12:49:34
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      @brandonwilson i usually sleep well i wouldn't say it is my problem ... need to focus on quality and healthy food and actually eat more hehe ..

      Efran avatar Efran | Apr 05, 2019 20:25:37
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