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May 26, 2019 18:31:11

Listen to your needs

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Our life is a chain of needs and wishes. The rule of life is simple β€” do what want to do.

How to understand that it's what you want? It is simple too β€” you just need to hear your emotions. As I said in my one of the previous articles, emotions are our reaction on environment and things that happens with us. This reaction is based on our needs.

Let's skip Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory and say that we need some basic needs that regulate the quality of the life. These needs call "I". So, it's ego needs.

What do these basic needs include?

1. Needs of body and health. Sleep, eating, sex, another physical activities, rest, pastime on nature.

Indicators: signals of your body. You need to learn to hear your body. If you are tired β€” don't continue working, you need to have rest. What is rest? Rest is when you do nothing. It's like a game when you have energy to hit your enemy. Energy indicator becomes lower with every hit and when you don't have energy, you need to restore it by staying and doing nothing.

Also, of you don't want to eat potato on the dinner, and you want just fruits with cacao milk β€” don't eat potato, eat what you want. About eating I will tell later. It's very interesting topic. 

2. Self development (a way to true you).

Indicators: boredom/curiosity. Continue to do what you want until boredom becomes.

3. Inner and spirital needs (how to find the sense of the life?).

Indicators: existential crisis/belief in something good.

Also there is another point β€” close relationship. I will tell about it in the next article.

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    @monolesan I listened to a talk by Tony Robbins recently, and he listed the 6 Human Needs (after the basic ones).
    1. Certainty
    2. Uncertainty (variety)
    3. Significance
    4. Connection/love
    5. Spirit (growth)
    6. Contribution
    He listed these needs in the context of business and specifically pointed out that #3 significance is the key need to focus on for your customers.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 26, 2019 10:05:08
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