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Jan 17, 2019 14:58:41

Life update

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It's time, to be honest with myself again. So here is just some update from my ordinary life. I must say that I am enjoying my work a little bit more now. 

January and February are a little bit slower if I am talking about the sales so I can focus more on the company websites and e-commerce shop, which I like better. 

Even though now I got stuck a little bit with the WordPress circle.

HTTP -> HTTPS, backing up the websites, making local copies, trying new templates, fighting with databases, that is just my daily bread and struggle. The web designer who created our website did all the coding directly to the template so now I am kinda fighting with the plugins and WordPress core updates, don't know how to update it without breaking our website. Anyone some tips for me?

Yeah, but at least I can learn something new and it will be definitely useful for my future projects. 

Anyway, In other directions of my life, I am in stand by mode. I mean I am not doing any special movements. Recently, I just started going for Boxing lessons it's kinda fun and anti-stress workout. You should try I can definitely recommend. 


I am thinking about applying for an Australian working holiday visa but not sure about it yet.


Stay tuned. Efran.

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