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Feb 09, 2019 21:13:33

Letter to my younger self

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Dear my younger self,

I am writing a letter from the future so I know what your near future looks like. 

1. Sleep well

Please sleep well even if you are passiocate for basketball. Doing a lot or longer does not mean necessarily improving your skill. Look at your teammate. Not many gets up and come to school at 6AM and sacrifice their sleep. 

Because of lack of sleep, you will not be as tall as you want to be and lose the productive time in the morning during lectures. 

Again let me emphasize the point. Find a better way to improve yourself, not just by doing a lot or spending more time. There is a pitfall of doing a lot. You might just end up with being satisfied by yourself.

Of course, you did a great job and learned from it. Thanks to your continuation, I am still playing basketball, which helps me to make great friends in a foreign country. You will learn what you are not good at. Your consistency and diligence will be powerfull and your asset in your future. 

2. Be yourself

School is a confined place so I can understand you paid attention for how others look at you and think of you. However, it will be more important that you can persuit for your own goal by comparing yourself who you were yestereday later. There is no "too late" to start something. You are afraid of being critisized by others or bullied. You will be fine. You should be just as you want and be yourself

I wrote above the advice but overall, I really appreciate your efforts and diligence. Thansk to that, I am doing well and got married with one great woman, which you are always worried. You will keep making your choice right. 

Last but not least, please spend the time with your family. Especially your mom will be illness so you need to be with her to support. 

Best regards,

Future Hiro


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