Jan 12, 2019 10:06:46

Let's do this

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Sander Groenlund

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Writing this from my mobile today. Can't bother to correct big letters etc. Looking forward to start a fantstic day with another round of my new habits. The plan was to run again today (aiming for three times per week), but my calf muscle is still store, so I Will give a day or two extra to rest. The other 11 habits Are going well though. Haven't touched fastfood, candy, crisps or alcohol for 5 days now, and My reading, writing, stretching and meditation is going well. Although the meditation is Hard to do right. Having a trouble getting in the 'zone'. But I guess it just tales a lot of practice. For now I do it for five minutes per day. The writing is minimum 200 words, stretching is 5 minutes, and reading is at least a page. Not big numbers, but aiming for a habit building here as well as No Zero Days. Haven't had a Zero day since I started this New X-effect project. Other than that, I look forward to write another chapter or two for My book. It is going very well, it's getting easier and easier to sit down and just write. Can't wait for it to be done and published. 

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    @sandergroenlund Keep up the great work! Meditation is tough, but I think it does get easier with practice. I have been doing 10 mins a day for 25 days. Some days it feels like I was able to get in the "zone," other days I question whether I actually accomplished anything. I think if you keep it going, you will start to see benefits.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jan 12, 2019 17:57:28
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      @brandonwilson 25 days, awesome! That must be around 35 by now :-)

      Sander Groenlund avatar Sander Groenlund | Jan 22, 2019 12:07:49
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      @sandergroenlund I actually just completed day 34 this morning. I missed a day over the weekend, but then right back on the horse!

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jan 22, 2019 15:16:02
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      @brandonwilson Awesome!

      Sander Groenlund avatar Sander Groenlund | Jan 23, 2019 09:49:44
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