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Mar 03, 2019 21:45:20

Let's be productive

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Back home in my bed. Yeah, busy weekend with my nephews it's over. Sure I am tired, the kids are crazy, haha but we had a nice time. 

Spending some quality time with the family is always good. And the enthusiasm of the kids makes you smile. I should meet them much more. 

I am ready to have a productive week, I am gonna start working on my new project... maybe.. haha.. I really want ... but need to overcome my laziness. 

I got the idea already, but I need to execute it. My technical knowledge is not big not sure if I could make it happen. I need to dig deeper and probably get to know on the go. I can give up, all the time, am I right? haha. 

Some of the first steps I am gonna focus:

  • set up my localhost
  • do some wireframes need to visualize the design
  • start building ... until the end of the week, I would like to have at least a little part ready ... or at least find out If I can make it happen or not ...
  • if yes - work work work if not move to another idea 
  • buy a domain and hosting (already know the name)

Wish me luck.


Stay with me. Stay focus Efran.

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