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Dec 21, 2018 04:13:23

Lessons from Kevin Hart

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Kevin Hart is a small man with a big personality. He's also one of the most successful comedian ever.

I'm surprised I didn't know more about him sooner.

A recommended video of him on Ellen Degeneres sent me down a rabbit hole, for a week I'd watched his videos on Youtube and movies on Netflix, a few weeks later I'd finish reading his book: You can't make this up.

Kevin's story resonated with me partly because, like me, he's shorter than the average person, and that he's super into fitness. Not to mention he's absolutely hilarious too.

The book, which I totally recommend if you're a fan, is not just funny to read (as you'd expect) but also paint a very vivid picture of his life story. 

Not a lot of people share their story from literally the day they were born to the success they've achieved so far.

There were so many lessons in it that I think I would make a point to re-read this every year.

Here are my biggest takeaways from the book: You can't make this up, by Kevin Hart.

On Patience and persistence

Kevin Hart was touring America doing stand up comedy for 7 years, plus a few more years before that auditioning for movies before he was recognised as the "newcomer" in Hollywood. 

On being yourself

Kevin Hart used to have stage name: Lil Kev the Bastard! He'd make jokes out of thin air, imagining scenarios that would make people laugh. The best advice he received as a comedian was to: "Tell your story, get people to know who you really are, use your real name".  The most successful comedian: Eddie Murphy, Jerry Seinfield, Ellen Degeneres, they all use their real name. Be interesting, observe your life, and tell your story.

On becoming more

Now a father, and a successful comedian. He's trying to get his acting career going, he also set eyes on his writing, producing and directing career. He also wants to become a better CEO of his own (four) companies, to excel in the day-to-day operations, hiring, managing, preparing budgets, forming corporations, selecting health insurance plans, and more. He also signed a shoe deal with Nike! The fist comedian to ever do so. And yes, he also looks good physically with all the workouts and has started a running movement. 

In his own words: β€œI’m on a quest to find the ceiling of what’s possible in this life and raise it, so that my children and their children and their children’s children will look at my accomplishments and go, β€œHoly shit.” I’m chasing after that Holy Shit Effect."

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