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Jan 28, 2019 09:06:57

Lessons from Evan You

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Evan You, the creator of Vue.js shared some backstory on how he started up Vue and how it became the frontend framework that rival Facebook's React and Google's Angular even when he was working on it as a solo developer.

Evan started Vue as a side project to experiment on some of the web technologies at that time. Mind you he was already using existing frameworks and had some likes and dislikes about those frameworks.

Vue would become the project that encompass all of the things that Evan like about a frontend framework. He shared the project with his friends and even posted it on Hackernews. 

That project resonated with a lot of developers and eventually turned into a community project.

Evan did face the pressure from competition such as React, Angular and many other front end frameworks. But eventually came to realize that it's best to just not worry about the competition and just focus on Vue's users.

This philosophy works well for Vue, as it has become one of the rare open source projects that earn enough solely from donations to support the founders full time.

The story is simple, even repetitive in that you'll do just fine if you just be curious and spend time on projects you're passionate about. Stay with it, focus on your customers and don't worry about the competition. Just do you and you'll be fine.

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