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Jun 20, 2019 11:00:44

Left hand letters.

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Brian Ball

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As he typed, he always started sentences with letters from his left hand. There wasn't room for starting with an H or M or L even. These are handy letters and yet nobody had done the analysis until he was labeled OCD. What? God knows these labels are man-made things. God knows several things. 

Each night, God is doing spaced repetition with flashcards to work his memory.

Some nights, he's creating new games. Carefully, he crafts the rules to be fair and equitable. Daily, he tests out these new games on humanity. Zoos are built to be fair to people who can't make it to the jungle this year on spring break. Random acts of kindness was a fun game he invented. Bumper stickers were made. Families were re-united. Dad started volunteering without expectation of remuneration. God is busy. Because he doesn't live on planet earth full time, he doesn't abide by the time zones we must tolerate. He has found a spot, or made a spot, where time doesn't operate. This allows him to grow wise without aging. What most people never realized, however, is that the Bible is only one story inspired by his creativity. All the other stories are as well.

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