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Jan 04, 2019 15:35:56

Learning with full efficiency

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It takes some time to develop and stick to it. Don't overcomplicate it and try to follow it as best you can. I have a morning routine, it's sort of like this: wake up, toilet, meditation (Wim Hof breathing exercises), stretches+light workout, shower, tea or coffee and then I'm ready to work. I'm working on a night-routine, I think it'll be something like this: dinner, work a little bit, chill out with my girlfriend (watching something or take a walk outside) and read a book and/or sexy times✌🏽 before sleep.


There's an abundance of information on the internet. Limit yourself. Words like "unlimited inspiration" should be avoided like the plague. Only use legit learning sources and shield yourself from the rest.

When you learn from reading, figure out a nice location to do so. I can't concentrate when I'm in a cafe with lots of people. Certain books you would like to write comments in so that works better than an e-reader.


Learn by association. Science says don't do anything but sleep and sex in your bed. Once you start watching television, do work on a laptop or whatever your brain will lose the association between sleep and your bed. I always write and code with music on. I notice it helps me going into the flow easier and I believe it has to do with association.

Feynman technique

Speak out loud as if talking to a pupil when you're learning new things. When you notice your understanding of the subject loses its grip, repeat until your mind finds it easier to grab. 


Helps with concentration and awareness. Awareness when you're distracted by some social media app will help you get back on the road. An app like SelfControl will really help too.


You are what you eat. Overindulging leads to that heavy food-dump afterwards. Sometimes though, I find that it helps me get into the flow with writing and programming. As long as I don't have to learn something. But regarding learning it's devastating. Intermediate fasting and or eating smaller meals help you stay focused. Note to self: drink more water.


Basically: sleep, health and working out.

Always get an adequate amount of sleep. Relax by doing fun stuff with friends and family. Your engine can only take so much information at a time. Treat yourself. They say if you do some HIIT after learning, your brain will retain it better.

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