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Jun 10, 2019 23:59:03

Learning english

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Carlos E

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I write this blog to improve my English. I want this year to be the year of change for me.  I want to align my goals in life with what I do every. One thing I want to improve a lot is my English.

Typically, in Spain, you learn English in school as a subject. Many people also go to English academies to improve their level. 

The problem is that it is difficult to speak in English with other people outside of class. And in the classes, what is most learned is grammar. The part of listening and speaking is left aside. When you go to another country, it is difficult for you to talk to English people because you have minimal experience speaking.

To address this problem, I think there are two options for me:

  • Move to an English country and live for some time there
  • Have conversations with other people in English regularly. 

The first option is the best one, but at the same time, it's the hardest. Because it is more expensive, you have to get a job there, etc.

So what I am doing right now is working hard on improving my English having conversations with other people many times a week, reading in English and writing in English. To simulate a total immersion in English.

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    @carlose You have a great attitude! You are doing well learning English. Keep going.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jun 11, 2019 07:53:27
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    @carlose awesome and keep at it! Your English is already really good :) Recently I stumbled upon https://www.italki.com/ which is an online language exchange where you can learn another language with teachers. Perhaps that might help to get more conversation experience?

    Jack Lyons avatar Jack Lyons | Jun 10, 2019 16:34:04
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