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Jan 25, 2019 21:12:20

Leadership doesn't come from an org chart

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You don't get leadership from an org chart. #200wordsTIL


After 4 years of mentoring, guiding, building the product, and all sorts of great things, the most seniorest member on our team is moving on. Time for new challenges and new chapters. 

Today was his last Friday at the office.


Every Friday the whole engineering team gets together for lunch. Well, we all grab our own lunch somewhere, then get together for an hour of discussion. Sometimes there's a presentation, sometimes there's just chatting.

Wonderful activity.


Today being our boss's last day we wanted to do something special. I suggested it, he agreed and announced to the team.

We'd all go out together, sit at a restaurant, and have some good old fashioned lunch. A last hurrah if you will.


The hour of lunch draws near and the team starts making lunch plans. One group wants to go here. One group there. Some people are ambivalent.



I'm like guys what the fuck, we're all getting lunch together, remember?

Naw man screw that. I'm going to X no matter where anyone else goes!

Duuuude, no. You can't do that!

What you mean why not?


4 years of work and people didn't even notice the invite for his last team lunch :|

And that's when I learned leadership doesn't come from an org chart.

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    @swizecteller You are right. Years ago I got access to an editable Visio version of my department's org chart. I moved a bunch of people around, sent a copy to the printer, and left it there to see what would happen. Chaos quickly ensued as one person found it and it spread like wildfire. People put too much faith in org charts.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jan 26, 2019 05:57:58
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