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Mar 21, 2019 05:03:01

Later became Now

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Brian Ball

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I meant to write at least a couple of hundred words yesterday.

I had several 200wordsaday.com tabs open. I read and commented on several people's writings. And yet I didn't publish my own.

See, it's like this. I had more than one tab open in my browser. Many more.

I had YouTube open in one of many tabs and watched a great episode of the Spartan Up podcast where Amelia Boone interviewed Kristen Ulmer about Fear. FEAR of all things.

I noticed a little fear yesterday when I told myself three times that I'd write my 200 words later. Does your brain also recognize the next day as "later"?

I've seen firsthand what happens when my son tells me he'll do something later. I think it means in ten minutes after he finishes what he's doing. What it means for him and me both is that later means any time in the future - mostly when one of us actually remembers.

If you remember 200wordsaday, open your browser and start typing. Get past that first few minutes. Get into the flow. Re-read your writing for edits or just flash it and hit publish. We're not here to read prize-winning sentence construction. 

We're here to prove we existed today; to share in the humanity and craft of communication. We're here for therapy and practice. It's fun. 

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