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Dec 21, 2018 06:40:21

Last (work) day before Christmas

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It's the last day of work for me for this year. After this, I will be leaving for a well-deserved vacation. So now is a good moment to look back into the year from work perspective.

It has been quite a year in our company. A lot has changed since the beginning of the year. We switched our CEO, not once, but twice. We lost two offices which were hard for everyone. Unfortunately, it was a necessity for the overall wellbeing of the company, but on a personal level, it was tough losing many great colleagues from those offices.

On the positive side, despite the losses we have managed to grow, both financially and in headcount. Many great talents have joined our ranks and it has been a pleasure to getting to know them. We have also finally started to feel like one company. Until this, there has still been some separation between offices and the ways we do things around them.

On a team level, it has also been an interesting year. This was our first full year as a team and we were still on the process of finding our place and purpose. But I believe it has become clear for all of us by now. We also went through some changes in team composition. In total there were ten people involved in the team through the year after which we have now stabilized on the count of six permanent members.

That was already quite a lot, and I haven't even touched my personal work stuff yet. More about that later.

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