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May 11, 2019 11:38:26

Last paper of my writing journal notebook

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Last night, I was writing on the last piece of paper in my journal notebook. It was quite amazing I’ve managed to reach the end of my notebook. By the way, it was my second notebook since I start journaling around August 2018 as part of the Morning pages exercise.

Initially, I don’t have intention on completing it. I don't’ read much on what I’ve written them but whenever I do, it always surprises what I was thinking at those moments.

Some lines the struck me at the beginning of my notebook:

Hey there, it was first time again writing here in my new journal. The spacing here is quite good and it feels like I could write a lot here. I’m not sure but I was so excited about the full possibilities in this new notebook.

Buying new journal notebook for yourself kinda feels good since I’ve just finished my first one. New notebook brings hope for new interesting things that will be coming on my way. It gives me an outlet to express what I’m thinking without getting a judge. It just always let me scribble my thoughts and never complain.

Also, I like how sometimes my writings trying to maintain the perfect cursive in the right direction. I know those moments are I’m truly inspired and motivated. There are times I don’t feel like maintaining it all. Just writing with any directions and doesn’t care if it’s readable. I start to love the imperfections of me without the need to impress anyone.

It took about almost 6 months since I’ve bought that notebook around early December 2018. I write up to May 2019. It seems the beginning and end was a little bit special. Though I don’t write every day, just only when I feel like writing.

Good notebook and paper plus attaching some feather

One trick that I’ve implemented is I buy a notebook that is not cheap since I know if it was cheap I will not be able to write in it ‘cause I know it doesn’t cost much. Also, a good notebook that makes you come back. Plus finding a good pen is a must since I hate it when my pen suddenly stops producing ink even if it’s new. This really frustrates me since it interrupts my flow. It would be good if you have an additional pen on your side when it happens. I like as well putting some feathers on my pen. It kind gives some weird vibes when I’m using it.


Hey self, I must say congrats on learning on finishing things no matter how long it takes.

Ohh, I will be heading to the national bookstore to get a new notebook.

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    @chrisdeuda Congratulations on finishing a notebook and now on to the next one!

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 11, 2019 09:55:25
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