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Apr 05, 2019 19:52:38

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Victoria Maung

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Pittsford Farms Dairy and Bakery was a quaint market with delicious ice cream and an experience unique to only certain places in the globe. As was the Mount Hope Cemetery, where I placed my midterm elections "I voted today" sticker that I've been carrying since last November on the gravestone of Susan B. Anthony, a women's suffrage leader and crucial to the passage of the 19th Amendment.

I guess that there are things to do, no matter where you are, if you look for it. She left me with a pen guaranteed to write for seven plus years, a soft commitment to a long friendship.

This feeling that I'm left with after she leaves is why does any of this content matter?, as I scroll through my emails of puppy de-stress, casino nights, endless animal gifs in numerous group chats, an eCornell learning session on LinkedIn, browse through new music videos, watch friends' Instagram videos of their food or getwaways, or entertain the possibility of watching Infinity Wars on Netflix.

I don't feel empty because of FOMO, but because I know my life is going to revert to swimming in this digital ocean of superficial mass marketing as I resume my work from this nice break.

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