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Mar 10, 2019 16:26:07

Laravel Forge vs Spinup

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I mention about I start to use SpinupWP a few days ago, as a long time Laravel Forge user, I can't stop to compare these two products. I know there is a comparison on the SpinupWp site, but I think those are not really all valid points. 

What does SpinupWP better then Laravel Forge?

  • A central place for the debug log.
  • Cronjob auto configure for each site, you can manually add cronjob through Laravel Forge
  • Full page caching auto configure.
  • Each site is running by a dedicated user process.

What does Laravel Forge better then SpinupWP

  • Github deploys, you can't do it 2-way sync unless you choose blank type project on SpinupWP and setup Github yourself.
  • Only Let's encrypt SSL support, you can't use Cloudflare SSL.
  • Upload limit & Max execution can configure directly through Laravel Forge Panel.
  • Can direct edit Nginx Config directly through Laravel Forge Panel.
  • Pricing - Laravel is a flat price for unlimited sites.
  • Can configure almost every PHP based site.

Of course, there are some other features that Laravel Forge better then SpinupWP, but what I focus now is more on the WordPress niche. Laravel Forge is good for all kind of PHP based project. SinupWP is good for WordPress related project, as in you will kind of trust that a project like this build by WordPress developer, for sure it going to optimise for WordPress.

For now, SpinupWP might not have many features like Laravel Forge, but I believe it might become more comparable to Laravel Forge soon with some unique features for WordPress.

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