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Mar 04, 2019 12:00:13

Kpop Playlist from My Friend

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My friends and I love sharing music playlists (sometimes music videos) to discover new artists and talk about them (mostly through text). 

Since I have recently got into Kpop my friend made be a list of "unknown" artists and their music. These posts are my reactions, comments, and option about them. 

  1. μŠ€λˆ„νΌ(SNUPER) _ μ§€μΌœμ€„κ²Œ(Platonic Love)
    • Video: The 80s funk vibe is perfect for this song and I really like how they switch to "modern" vibes with synchronized dancing at the end.
    • Music: This is exactly what it feels like when you have a crush on someone and can't tell them but you still hangout together. The beat is so catchy and bop to it the entire time. 
    • I wish I knew enough Korean to sing to this song. I probably won't add it to my main playlist but this is going in my kpop playlist. 
  2. ASTRO μ•„μŠ€νŠΈλ‘œ - All Night(μ „ν™”ν•΄) 
    • Video: The dreamy like concept is all the feels! I want to photoshoot similar to at :05 πŸ˜.
    • Music: The rapping part by pink hair color artist (Jinjin?) is awesome. The chorus is catchy. I don't really know what the song means because the captions were auto translated so I looked it up. Oh my! the video and concept makes sense now.
    • I would love to see them perform live. 
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