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Feb 16, 2019 22:58:54


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I talked about why I find it Kindle not really suitable for me, so the next reader and ebook market that I look into is Kobo.

I bought my first e-book from Kobo before it gets acquired by Rakuten, I still remember the book is The 4-hour workweek. I never finish it and didn't really get into the e-book worlds. I do buy quite a lots of technical e-books, but mostly I will just put on Apple Book to read.

One of the important thing that I like about Kobo reader is it seem like it integrate with Pocket. This shows that at least it allow to integrate outside world. This seems like telling me that Kobo not so walled garden like Kindle. So far I haven't get the Kobo reader yet to avoid the same mistake I have for Kindle, I going to use the App to read the book first.

Kindle might have a lot more of books collection, but if you are reading Chinese e-books, I think Kobo shine on this area, lots of Chinese e-books can find on it and Kobo always giving lots of discount for the sales.

Currently, Kobo is having a promotion for 50% off on all their ebook using coupon code "KOBOXHUNGRY" until 17 Feb 2019, if you interested to get some ebook, this might be a good chance for you to explore Kobo.

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    @knight Any difference in terms of functions and usability? I heard that you can more easily use Libby / Overdrive to borrow an ebook from the library.

    Hiro avatar Hiro | Feb 16, 2019 09:39:58
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      @hiro I heard about that too, but so far I didn't borrow from the library so can't really comment.
      For the apps wise I still find it kindle is too restricted, prefer kobo for now.

      Knight avatar Knight | Feb 17, 2019 17:50:27
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