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Feb 09, 2019 03:58:46

keep the main thing, the main thing

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David nge

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What allows us to be as powerful as we are is because we keep the main thing the main thing — Lebron James

If you're being drafted as the #1 pick to enter the NBA and you play shitty basketball, people are going to ask you to get out.

If you're aiming to be great at something you have to keep at it until you become one.

This becomes the craft you pursue in excellence of. You are the apprentice on the path to become a master.

For many who are not sure what craft they should pursue, it can be as simple as committing to any one that interest you. The more you go at it the more you grow and the more confident you'll become.

Since most people are here to improve their writing, this can be your main thing.

Good writing is a skill that has stand the test of time and will pay dividends for long time. So it's never too late to start and there probably won't be an end game.

It's not just about keeping the streaks. It's to be able to think more clearly, write without grammatical errors, write with better prose, and etc. There's a quality aspect to it. 

Getting better is to improve on every minute detail of the craft.

Once you take care of the main thing, the rest will fall into place and sky's the limit.

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