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Apr 12, 2019 08:50:15

Keep Shipping

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I log my task a few places, so is a bit hard to track on this, but I log my daily completed product related task on both WIP & Makerlog. At least that's someplace I can track my product related task stats, but I still don't understand why my streak missing one day on Makerlog.

According to WIP, it's been 30days. Yup, I been shipping code for products non-stop for the past 30 days. Because I m doing this, I stop overwork on my freelance work daily, I make sure I keep my freelance work in the day time and doing some product work in night time.

After coming back from dinner and finish all the kids related task, by the time I have my 'me time' is around 9:30pm or 10pm, because of praticing wake up early in the morning, I need to go bed before 12pm, so is pretty tough to do much things within the 2 hours.

But yes I managed to continue shipping code within that 2 hours daily for the past 30 days. It feels excited like the same day when I managed to write daily here and hit the 30 days milestone. 

It's not easy, there are days I m tired and try to finish it with some small function but keep stuck. There are days I m thinking to give up because there are still tons of freelance work haven't done. There are days that I just feel like go watch some Netflix / Youtube to relax instead of writing code here. Those are the days.

Looking forward for the next milestone.

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