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Apr 08, 2019 17:17:46

Just thoughts

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Sometimes life goes not according to plan. And that's okay because you are human. Everything according to plan only when you are dead, because there are no plans.

The biggest mistake is to blame yourself that you couldn't accomplish the task that you gave to yourself in the past. But when you blame yourself, you don't think that it's a mistake. The awareness of the error will appear in the future.

Future is a strange thing, because it doesn't exist. Future is an accumulation of your thoughts and dreams. Therefore, your future depends on you and your luck.

Life is too short, sometimes it seems insignificant and inconsiderable. But when you look at someone's life history the life seems longer than you thought.

I distracted on Twitter and Telegram. The charging on my laptop is low, I don't want to charge it, I should do it tomorrow.

You should do everything that makes possible to make dreams come true. Just don't regret the time.

Time. Sometimes it seems that some humans have 25 hours a day, but it seems because we don't know what these humans do. They would to don't tell how they really spend days. For example, they can be stuck like you, but you think that they don't have obstacles.

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