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Mar 19, 2019 22:13:08

just thoughts

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I was thinking recently a lot and I came to the conclusion I need some refreshment in all direction of my life. If I am talking about relationships, about my job, about my values and goals, simply everything. 

After my comeback from Canada, I am still waiting for some change and my feelings are kinda messed up and I am back already over a year.

Am I waiting for a better job, to move abroad again, to get more money, to find a love of my life? My mind just cannot flow into real life and instead I live in the past or in the future I just cannot adjust for the present and take it as it is. 

I cannot take this stable present and plan the future according to it. I feel more I should keep moving and find something more, something better and after I will find it then it's gonna be the right time for my responsible life and real future.

... but what if there is no better me and I am just afraid of the reality?

... Sure I probably know the answer ...

Still, my thoughts wandering around and I am trying to find out more. 


Stay with me. Efran.

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